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Update SSSe3 will be fixed. SDE workaround is bannable.

Edit ssse3 will be fixed. do not attempt the no mans sky workaround lead says its bannable. Update More than Phenom IIs were effected. Some I5, I7 and other processors are missing SSSe3 instruction capabilities. So yeah the entirety of Phenom II vocal potato pcs effected will be fixed. TLDR: this was a rookie mistake it's standard practice to code for the alternate instructions as this one is just supplemental. So yeah Phenom II performed better than minimum specs for many versions. It ran the beta which is indicative of what to expect when a game comes out in a couple of weeks. What everyone wants to know is will this crash be fixed or should people look for the refund button. This is a triple AAA developer and they should know that a significant portion of gamers are still using these processors and they can run optimized games still at high or very high settings with 5+ year old processors. There are very few examples of this being an issue probably because developers know better. People have mentioned No Mans Sky, Resident Evil 7 as two recent games that had a very similar problem but got patched and had work arounds. Intel has a Software Development Tool that sort of made NMS playable before it was fixed. Considering how vast the "ban" policy is now I have no idea if that would interact being not a tech guy. I know people like me will have to upgrade our pcs eventually. Yet for the most part if we wanted to shell out 500$ and upgrade every 3-4 years we would play console. A significant amount are in the same boat that if these processors are powerful enough to play games that aren't made of spaghetti code nearly flawlessly why planned-obsolescence trash them out. Bungie/ActiBlizzard has the staff to provide support for a wide variety of hardware, was something really that different than the beta? From more knowledgeable people talking, their code team could patch this in a day if they were ordered to made the effort. But your official posts saying Phenom II is below minimum spec (debatable) Phenom II's like the 1090t Black edition are faster than the FX-4350. as a non-tech I've never heard of SSe-anything. You can't expect people to know that info, order of when processors came out. Basically speed and number of cores are what normal people think about with processors. The whole "were investigating the issue and will attempt to fix the crash, but those processors are below minimum spec are not officially supported" That comes off rude and disrespectful honestly. Like uncle bob will fix the car, next month or when he gets around to it. It makes it sound like this is not a major or significant issue, that's a decent slice of your pc gamer customer base still. "minimum spec ssse3" is a cop-out. AAA games with large developers are expected to cater to a wide variety of hardware. Including "potato" pcs that can still run this game on high+ settings and just want to play with their friends. It would not be a significant burden to a company like this to have in house machines or outsource to variety of hardware specs game testers to make sure everyone can play weeks before launch day. There was a time betas were betas, not demos. To test to see if the game works on our systems it did, report bugs, stress test. But that's in addition to other testing.



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