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10/25/2017 10:56:21 PM

A Guardian Who Needs Your Help

My best friend is a true guardian through and through. Saturday night however the darkness crept up on him and he attempted to take his own life. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital and has missed quite a few days of work and any one who plays Destiny and has bills to pay you know what it's like when your paycheck isn't enough. He needs help keeping his apartment while he's gone and that's what the GoFundMe is for. He loves Destiny and the community sooo much he even talked about which weapons to use and asked me if I was using Devour (I main a warlock) which warranted a few worried looks from the nurse. He needs some guardians help, please show him how bright the light can be. Please donate or share this so he knows that the best community in the world has his back. From two Guardians to the rest thank you.



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