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Awaken the Wolf is seeking talented players (PS4) Updated

Awaken the Wolf is currently seeking to recruit new talent to add to our roster. If your D1 clan has fallen apart or you're just looking for a new group of laid back players then we're looking for you. We are primarily an EST time zone clan so keep that in mind before applying. We are looking for players active in clan chat or if that’s not your thing we have a discord channel as well that we chat and organize in. Seeking anyone who is looking for a place to call home, we can help you achieve whatever goals your looking for in game. Teams are currently forming for raids and TotN. As a clan we are always looking to push ourselves to be better and to help those in need. We are looking for few things in new members. You must be active in the game and you are encouraged to participate in clan forum conversations but not required. Members should be mature and able to handle adult language etc.. We are small now but we can grow with your help. Very active in clan chat, communicate with team members helps create a better atmosphere and encourages others to push themselves! If you're interested in becoming a part of the team then please like this post and leave a message with your PSN. Recruits are also encouraged to send a message with some information about your interests in the game for further review. We thank you and we will see you on the battlefield. Share Clan Thanks for all the great interest we look forward to hearing from you.



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