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[u][b]Zero Skill[/b][/u] [u][b]PC[/b][/u] Zero Skill has been around for a couple years now on games such as WoW/LoL/SC2 etc... We are a group of friends who have been gaming with each other for quite a while and usually aim to clear any and all content. The greater the challenge the better. We have always had a success at building a late night community on whatever game we play, and we wish to continue that here in Destiny 2. So if you are looking for an English speaking guild who games later in the night then this is the place to come. Hopefully, with your help, we can build up a strong group of people playing late night, so that finding members for strikes/raids/PvP etc... will never be a challenge. In order for us to promote a mature social community we ask that all members who wish to join be 18+ of age and speak English. Voice communications is preferred but not required as of the moment. As we start to fill, open joining will close and limitations will be set. To help us continue promoting on the forums, give us a thumbs up! To join go to our clan through Bungie @ [url][/url] We also have a Discord @



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