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10/20/2017 7:33:11 PM

Did You Know You Can Influence Your Exotic Chances?





Errmahgawrd! Ecksotiks!


I actually found this out a while ago while Exotic farming and I've realised until now that this little trick has... almost never been talked about by anyone who does Destiny 2 videos. I mean, knowing the internet SOMEONE has to have found out about this before me and posted a video about it. But if that's the case, then NOT ENOUGH people know about this. Anyway. If you examine an Exotic Engram you'll see all the possible loot you might just get. However, what you don't know is that the items you can get will change periodically. And it doesn't change to show you ALL of what you can get, what you currently see while examining it IS what you could get. So if, let's say... a Hard Light doesn't appear in the list of things that you can get, then you [i]probably[/i] won't get it! So if you just wait for the specific exotic to appear first before decrypting it, you are significantly more likely to get it. Now [b]KEEP IN MIND[/b] this is in no way going to guarantee you will get the loot you want, it will only increase your chances. So don't be surprised if you decrypt several Exotic engrams and still don't get what you want. (trust me, by now we've all been there.) The best part about this is that this isn't necessarily an exploit. This was voluntarily left in by the dev's (I mean, I'm like 80% sure at least.) So you don't have to worry if this is actually cheating or not.



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