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10/19/2017 12:16:52 AM

Sun Broskies

We are a small clan of friends from Texas we get all of our clan engrams weekly we are looking for more active members for a second raid team. We are currently also looking to fill an open spot on our main raid team we need someone who knows what they are doing and is a 300+ warlock. Our main team raids every Friday night 7-7:30 Central Time start time. We do Trials right after the raid is complete and we do all other activities Throughout the week. If you are interested in joining and our time frame is a good fit then let me know message me on here or even better HMU on xbox .... my Gt is o Hottpocketz o. We look forward to trying you out and meeting our new mate. P.s. .... As far as Trials goes all you need is a decent loadout with a good team strat and a 1.5 k/d or above we have 1 mate that is a beast at 2+ k/d ..... me and the other guy are around 1.5 and we have gone flawless with a person with under a 1 k/d. Really excited to have a person fit the Trials role raid role is a bonus if your both!



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