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10/13/2017 4:44:06 PM

Solutions not problems

This is my first forum post so I doubt this gains any traction, but I feel it’s necessary to at least put this out there. I’ve been a Destiny fan since vanilla D1. I’m not the best player and I’m certainly not a hardcore player, but I do enjoy the challenges that were given to us in D1 and I leaned more towards being “competitive” than “casual.” One thing that I have always loved about Destiny is the community. The community in D1 was, for the most part, a rare breed in that everyone was helping each other and not toxic. Then D2 came out. The community, in my opinion, has changed drastically. It’s still possible to find people who genuinely enjoy the game and who just want to help each other out, but there is a lot more negativity than positivity now. So many people are posting about issues, problems, and annoyances, but hardly any of those posts contain solutions. Obviously we aren’t game developers, but Bungie is unique in that they care about their community and they LISTEN to the community. I’ll close by saying this: If you have any problems with the game, which I’m certain almost everyone does, let’s do Bungie a favor and address the problem by also offering a solution. I think if we all start to look at this game through that lens, this community will start to get rid of it’s negativity, not to mention improve the game itself. Thanks for reading.



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