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Save Destiny 2 (PoE, Prison of Epic!)

I want to see this game do well and the main reason that games flourish is because they have a magic to them that fulfills you. Be honest to yourself, this game does not have it right now and a content drop isn't necessarily going to fix it. All we need is a little more variety in PvP and a hook in PvE for groups AND solo players. Here is just one of my great ideas for the PvE portion. Bring back PoE, make it like firefight in Halo, because face it, the original was like a watered down wave based gametype anyway. We need multiple difficulties (Normal, Heroic, etc) as well as an ability to matchmake. Add big maps and the hardest difficulty could be on a selected map each week with custom modifiers, with alternating advantages at the end of rounds such as vehicles, max power ammo, relics, damage/speed/recovery boosts, etc. And make the enemies relentless, I loved the difficulty in higher waves on firefight. I want the completion of the hardest difficulty on PoE to be like the feeling of the trip to lighthouse back in D1. The treasure room should feel like visiting the lost city of Atlantis and it should have multiple chests with steadily higher key counts for better odds in each (1 key chest for people who want a reward instantly with a common to rare reward all the way to a 5 key chest with an exclusive weekly reward for the harder difficulty and chance for an exotic). This gametype would be so much fun and if you could make players feel like they are always getting something done or making progress, they would keep coming back!
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