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9/29/2017 4:30:50 PM

Damage reduction for thos who run in packs. Pack running is ridiculous and ruining pvp.

There needs to be a drastic damage reduction for thos who pack run. 90% of the time im getting slammed with teabagging shitstains who run in packs of 2 or more and its -blam!-in ridiculous and is strangle holding us players who go into crucible and when he tries to play they get slammed by a wall of bullets of campin no skill packrunners. And then i proceed to get hate messages from the same exact players who then proceed to tell me to 'get good'. Its bullshit infuriating and frankly is whats ruining that aspect of the game. I propose a 20% decrease of damage for every player within a reasonable vicinity of another teamate. The only way to kill cluster-blam!-ers is using a super and 80% of the time we get killed before we can even pop it. That could fix a major issue instead of nerfing some weapons. Also I would like to note that lagswitching is STILL A MAJOR -blam!-ING PROBLEM! And a major issue in the crucible is that i supered somebody while in there super and when it ran out i melee them and they don't die. I ran into a match where i did that and the guy had 0 health and yet was still alive then proceeded to teabag.



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