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KALM KILLAにより編集済み: 9/28/2017 3:13:23 AM

High Impact Scout Rifles are Pointless in Current Build

Proposal: Adjust high impact scout rifles back to 3-tap capability. Lowering (the already low) aim assist on this variant could be a possible trade off. Reasoning: High impact scout rifles are basically "nerfed" given the current relationship between rate of fire (RoF) and criticals to kill (CTK) in Destiny 2. -- High RoF Scouts (200 rpm) - Mida Multi Tool --> approximately 5 CTK -- Mid RoF Scouts (180 rpm) - Nameless Midnight & Call to Serve --> 4 CTK -- Low RoF [highest impact stats] Scouts (150 rpm) - Does Not Compute --> (surprisingly!?) 4 CTK So all things even, a low RoF scout will always lose a firefight to the faster variants when both players start shooting at the same time. Seems some what useless... I'm guessing eliminating 3-tap was to encourage team shooting. However as it stands, what incentive exists to use this type of scout. High impact and low RoF encourages players to hone their aim. Also seems like gun-play is more emphasized in Destiny 2, so why not bring back this mechanic. As someone who mained Last Extremity (aim assist 21 out of 100 XD) in the previous installment, lowering the aim assist to compensate would be alright lol. Good game though



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