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9/21/2017 3:52:42 PM

PvP Requires Better Balance

The game's "balancing" methods for PvP are deplorable. I have only been able to play one game where it resulted in "victory" in the last 10+ and that only with a win margin of 2 points. "You win some, you lose some" is normal, but win one and lose all others is ridiculous. My last game after the "win" of 2 points had me pitted against people who literally wiped the floor with us. 22:100. How is this "balanced?" Before that I lost 5-8 games, and I can't even keep up with my overwhelming losses now because they are the norm. Not by 10 points, but instead by 30+ point losses. And don't get me wrong, it has gone the complete other way as well where it was not fun to have one or two wins at 100:13. Those initially happened every 5 games of wins and losses, but they've all but disappeared now. A game being close is a fun game, even at a loss, but game after game of losses (or blowouts for those who are better than I) is not a fun environment or game. The PvP "balance" NEEDS to be fixed. Especially since one of the main ways to get Powerful Gear is Call to Arms. Might as well call it, "Call to Death Grind." Please Bungie, fix this calculation imbalance because PvP is almost completely unplayable and makes me want to just "throw games" and grind the Powerful Engrams that way rather than waste my time attempting to win an unwinnable match every game. I detest throwing games, and have never done so, but for the first time it honestly feels like a built-in mechanic with how terrible the balance is. P.S. (not for devs): To those trolls who will undoubtedly come in here and say, "Get good, scrub" or "Newb" just get lost and reevaluate your life for needing to let out your hate on others due to needing to feed your immensely overcompensating egos. Your troll food can be found on Overwatch, but you won't last long there I bet.



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