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9/21/2017 3:26:56 PM

Voidwalker Super Dispute

Ok So Titans in D2 are awesome as they were in D1. My issue comes with one particular change that came to titans that I think should be applied to the void walker as well seeing as how similar both supers are used. The striker titan in D1 was a one bang panic super as was the nova bomb. Now... WHY THE -blam!- DO TITANS GET TO ROAM N SMASH MULTIPLE TIMES BUT I AS A VOID WALKER CAN ONLY NOVABOMB ONCE??? TF OUT OF HERE. I'M NOT SAYING GIVE US 5 MIN OF INFINITE NOVABOMBS BUT GIVE US A GOLDEN GUN TYPE EFFECT 3 SHOTS GOODLUCK. OR EVEN 2. ONE IS JUST -blam!-ING SPITTING IN OUR FACE. N DON'T EVEN BRING UP "uhh well chill dude u have dawnblade" no. No. No. There is no comparison. Striker>voidwalker . This I found to be disgusting as -blam!- to play like that knowing I have to hold on to my super cuz if I miss. Too -blam!-ing bad try next game. But titans have like 5 smashes. Hammers to throw like crazy. And sentinel shields to throw. WARLOCKS have storm which I hate. Dawnblade is badass n really fun. But nova bomb is -blam!-ing epic. And it was left behind. Ooo it seeks ppl it's ok no it's a -blam!-ing grape that moves at snail pace. The bottom tree is the better one. But make it so that u have 2 or 3 nova bombs to chuck out if the top tree is a giant one why not the bottom be 2 separate bombs. Just not fair imo. I'm not bitching about it being op. I hold my own in crucible but I think many voidwalker will agree a 2nd or 3rd bomb would level the playing field in terms of supers. He'll even nightstalker has one shot up top or split it into 3. I want the same concept on void walker big top seeking grape. 2 or 3 smaller bombs on bottom tree.



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