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9/20/2017 2:23:43 AM

PS4 Clan is recruiting

[b][u]Year 1 Honor Guard[/u][/b] [spoiler]Though there are many guardians who would claim themselves legend, only the most steadfast Guardian's can truly be defined as, Honor Guard. Defenders of the light, standing even alone, against the might of the darkness. To be deemed Honor Guard, is a privilege, which must be earned with determination and courage, with no expectation of reward or gratitude. Will you undertake the call of the light. Be an unyielding wall, rememboral of those who have come before you, protector and mentor of those guardians still yet to come! Can you swear to this and be called Honor Guard, Guardian? If you will undertake this call, then there is only one task required of you. Stand against the darkness, guide and mentor new Guardians, and above all else, remember, we give aide and ask for nothing in return. [b][i]WE ARE HONOR GUARD[/i][/b][/spoiler]-------------------------------- We are an all access [b][i][u]PS4[/u][/i][/b] clan, with members on a global scale, encompassing 4 continents and 12 countries, in many time zones to accommodate our members, offering assistance to any guardian who wishes to stand against the darkness with a team who has their back. *No restrictions to join. *No restrictions on events *No expectation of reward for assisting you If you want to join a group who is dedicated to helping others with raids, trials, iron banner, general play, older members, and couples; then give us a shout. We host a quarterly clan morale building competition, pitting you against your fellow mates, in different challenges for the hopes of coming in on top and receiving prizes, ranging from PSN cards, Game stop merchandise, new game preorders paid for, and much more.[spoiler]To be eligible for clan competition, members must have been an active clan mate for the previous 90 days prior to the next event, and in good standing. [/spoiler]-------------------------------- If we seem like a good fit for you, read over the clan rules, join, set us as your active clan, and we will see you star side guardians. [b][i][u]Clan Rules & Guidelines[/u][/i][/b][spoiler][/spoiler] [b][i][u]Violations of Clan Guidelines[/u][/i][/b][spoiler][/spoiler]------------------------------- We use the BAND APP for our means of communication, it can be found at the links provided (for Android & IOS).[spoiler]ANDROID - Check out "BAND - Groups & Communities" - [/spoiler][spoiler] IOS - [/spoiler]Once you have joined our team, and downloaded the app, you can search for our chat directly, or you will be sent a link to join our group chat, and can immediately begin networking. Be sure to set your display name as your PSN ID to make adding you as a friend easier. [b][u]Link to Clan Facebook Page[/u][/b][spoiler][/spoiler]



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