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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
9/18/2017 3:10:44 AM

Add noticed bugs or problems

I want to start a list of bugs and issues players have picked up in Destiny 2 so please add to this and hopefully Bungie will notice it and fix some of them (fingers crossed). NOTE: Please do not add comments that are personal opinions on the game like, "Destiny 2 sucks" or the "the raid is boring" or things like that. Please limit comments to adding noticed bugs or things that are wrong in the game with models, items, textures etc.



マナーを守りましょう。投稿する前に、Bungie の行為規範を確認してください。 キャンセル 編集 ファイアチームを作る 投稿

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