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9/10/2017 2:31:02 PM

Arming and Disarming ??? TIMING

The new countdown game type for the crucible is pretty good but has some major flaws when it comes to defending and attacking. For Countdown, it needs to change the timing for both sides when having to plant the bomb and disarming as well. it seems that while arming the bomb it takes a long time while disarming takes a shorter time. The game type should also have the time increased per round by 1 minute for a longer time period of playing. Both arming and disarming should take the same amount of time which it would be best if it's 10-15 seconds. The rounds are off as well, it's like the first time to reach 5 or the have both teams to reach the same amount of rounds then keep going, I was confused. the total amount of rounds should be 5, and the first team that gets to round 5 wins. that's how it should be.



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