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9/6/2017 2:57:58 AM

Age of Triumph T-shirt issue STILL not resolved after over a month, and Support for the Online Store has been ignoring my emails

Firstly, the information I received from entering the tracking number into the system linked to on the order page had incomplete info (it cut off before the shirt had left the US). Secondly, after Bungie's support sent me a link to a second tracking system (different to the one linked to in the online store), entering the tracking number into it lead to more information (this time it cut off after handing the package over to the postal service of my home country), information which SHOULD have been in the other system to begin with. Thirdly, according to the customer service agent for Royal Mail I called up on the phone, they had the package listed as being "Out for Delivery" AGES ago, yet I had not received any kind of slip through the door asking me to pay a customs charge (as we normally do here). There was no info on their system whatsoever about what happened to the shirt after it was listed as being "Out for Delivery". It didn't say it was with a neighbor, it didn't say it had been returned to the depot, they couldn't even tell me if there was a customs charge for it to begin with. They told me that any further info would have to be obtained by the sender (i.e. Bungie), and that they would have to start an investigation from their end. Fourthly, upon going to the depot in the next town, the person there told me there HAD been a customs charge to pay for it, and that it had already been sent back to the sender approx. one week prior (back when I was out of the country) This makes me mad for three reasons: 1) I never received a slip through the door saying a customs charge needed to be paid. 2) It was listed as being "Out for Delivery" on their database, which means they tried to deliver it to my house. Why would they have tried to deliver it to my house if there was still a customs charge that needed to be paid? 3) NONE of this info was told to me when I called up Royal Mail on the phone. Their local depot had information that their online database did not, meaning I had to travel there in person to find things out. Back when this all started, I contacted the support team of Bungie's Online Store. I was giving them all of the new info I had gathered, I even notified them that they would have to start an investigation from their end to get more. They promised me two things: 1) When the shirt arrived back to them, they would send it back my way. 2) If it got lost in the post, they would replace the shirt. It has been a month since they last spoke to me, I have emailed them asking for updates, yet they haven't responded. I just want to know if my shirt has made it back to them yet, that's not too much to ask, is it?



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