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[PC][18+] Open Membership Clan - Intergalactic Nomads

In the twilight of our shared consciousness lays a shadow from which our light first emerged. Now, Guardian, we've been stripped of our light - left adrift in the chaos of now. The tower has been reduced to rubble. Salvaging a sense of home won't be easy, but somewhere, out there in that great beyond possibilities exist. We will reinvent our purpose in this new adventure, and together, we will recover our stolen light and redefine our home. The Galaxy remains a battleground teeming with opportunities. Bring enough bullets and some moxie, Guardian, and we will plow a crimson trail through our enemies so that other Guardians may follow our light back to this new, shared platform in the Cosmos. Do you have the guts to forge a new destiny? This is our time. Welcome to Destiny 2, Guardians. Join us on the PC as we fight on!



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