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Recruiting for Triumph for Veterans! (PS4) - Helping new players become legend!

I am an alpha, beta and a day one player who is currently trying to build up a clan for destiny 2 made up of year 1 destiny players who have been playing since the very beginning! It'll be great for us to work together once again throughout destiny 2. Not only will the clan be made up of year 1 players, but also brand new players who may need help with raids, strikes, and any other challenging activities! The aim of this clan is to act as the bridge for year 1 players to crossover into Destiny 2 and to be recognized amongst new guardians whilst helping them to become legend. I am looking for chilled people who are looking to play for fun and to get that sweet loot from Gary! As the title states, the clan is open. So feel free to join! :D



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