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Destiny について話し合おう
8/9/2017 12:29:25 PM

Thoughts and Discussion on all the strangely sponsored Destiny 2 products.

So, at this point the Destiny 2 sponsored products are sparking controversy on the forum. We'll discuss everything from Pop Tarts to the recently revealed Virgin Media exclusive sparrow. So let's start out with the pop tarts. These things have flavors relating to candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, and other things like strawberry, etc. I'm not sure if the advertisment covers all the flavors here (that's not the point) but as far as I know these things are not only super convenient (Easy to eat, toasted or right out of the box) but are also super unhealthy. Just saying, would it be a bad thing for Destiny to get sponsored by a healthier food? Or at least something more popular among the older people here knowing Pop Tarts are aimed towards kids. Also there is the question of whether this product is even sold in certain parts of the world. Then we have Rockstar. I've only had it once when I was like 14, five years ago. It was alright, nothing special, didn't give me the Energy I was hoping to get honestly. Energy drinks as we all know are loaded with sugar and other products that we probably don't know about and usually don't give any energy really. Usually when it comes to talking about energy drinks, you're talking to the minority. Especially if you're talking about one that's in the shadow of Monster. I'd rather see Destiny partner with red bull again as much as I hate the stuff. Once again, I'm not sure whether this sponsor will advertise all flavors of the drink. I've only seen a couple pictures of the promotion showing more tropical drinks (personally I think a tropical energy drink wouldn't taste to great). Then there's the question of where this product is sold as usual. Then there's the Fidget spinners. These thing go by many names. Cancer. Austism. Stupid. Those are just a few examples (This is what I've seen hundreds of people call them. Saying them myself is in reference to what others have said. I personally do not mean to offend anyone by saying something someone else said). Once again, a product advertised towards younger players. And as much as the Destliny logo looks like a fidget spinner it shouldn't be one. Then we have Virgin Media, who will be giving out an exclusive sparrow to all of its customers. I'm not ridiculing Virgin Media here. I'm just saying the majority of people who will play Destiny 2 won't have Virgin media. There is no way I would go through the hassle of changing my cable and internet company just to get a sparrow. There's also the youth of gaming who have no control of what internet company their parents picked who will miss out. So to focus on some major points all around. These sponsored products/companies will only reach out to mainly the minorty of gamers. Plently of these sponsored products are clearly aimed towards the youth of the community. Unless you're a parent who played games and your kid likes Pop Tarts or Rockstar, then you found a loop hole, congrats. Either way I'm certain most adults here don't want to go to the store buying a box of pop tarts, an arm full of rockstar energy and a fidget spinner to possibly end up getting questioned by someone else as to why they have all of that random stuff as an adult to have to akwardly tell them you want codes for a game or lie and say you have a kid unless that's the actual truth or you like pop tarts and rockstar (long sentences, yay). Then you can expect less than 20 percent of Destiny 2 players to actually have the sparrow offered by Virgin Media. I personally know nobody who has them as their internet provider alone, and there's plenty of others out there too. Who knows what may get sponsored next. TLDR [spoiler]Read it and deal with it being to long[/spoiler] What are your thoughts on all of this?



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