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8/5/2017 6:48:07 PM

Sharing my linking experience

This is me trying to explain/vent in IRC what happened. Thought it'd be nice to share if others are experiencing the same. Pardon the language (I don't know if this site filters). <impurity> i finally figured out what the -blam!- is wrong with and linking goddam blizzard/battlenet <impurity> this is insanely annoying <impurity> let me go yell at kayla and i'll come back and explain <impurity> so i'll start with: maybe shouldn't have tried this while drinking the first time but i was d2 hyped and wanted to prep for pc <impurity> but bungie's site is -blam!-ed like usual <impurity> the main bug is that when you try to link your battlenet to your bungie profile, it sometimes pops up a new window instead to create a whole new bungie profile <impurity> and that's what -blam!-ing happened to me <impurity> in a panic trying to fix it, i managed to unlink my PS id and it created a whole OTHER new one <impurity> so i had my OG, new blizzard, and new ps4 bungie profiles <impurity> with -blam!-ing bungie, if you unlink all the email accounts, it orphans the bungie profile to where you can never use it again <impurity> so what people were doing was accidentally killing their ancient accounts <impurity> so bungie's stop gap was to disable unlinking your main (e-mail, service) account <impurity> which left me pretty -blam!-ed with having 3 different profiles with each platform tied to them <impurity> what i wound up having to do was use one of my alt emails to make a throw away live account. linked and verified it on the fake new blizzard profile. UNLINK the blizzard profile. then sign back into my OG and link it <impurity> that actually -blam!-ing worked This DOES work, though. So, unless you orphaned your old account, it's salvageable. I've just read some awful replies that still reference the worthless official help page. Don't do drugs.



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