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Who Would You Rather Fight? #1

Ghe the Destroyer of Life


Cóte DarkSeeker


Hello, This is a new thing I'm doing. If you guys like it I'll continue to make these.[b][u] READ DOWN BELOW BEFORE VOTING. [/u][/b] [b]Ghe[/b]: Is a human assassin with fangs for teeth. Poisonous fangs. He is a master of the Krav Maga fighting style. He also uses BC-41's for combat. And has a reaction time of a .220 Swift. He carries a Chiappa Rhino just in case things get personal. And is force-sensitive. He has killed thousands of foes without a scratch. Which gives him the nickname of "[b]Destroyer of Life[/b]." [b]-[/b] You only can fight them with a Katana. Nothing else. [b]Cóte[/b]: Is half panther, and half man. He was born with the ability to turn everything into total darkness and total silence. Doing so makes his targets extremely weak and dizzy. And has claws made out of obsidian. He can also see in the dark unlike you. Which gives him the nickname "[b]DarkSeeker[/b]." [b]P.S.[/b] This series I'll be making are things I made up.[b] But who would you rather fight?[/b]



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