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I have been playing destiny since it first came out, stayed up for 2 days straight with my warlock and had a blast. Some of the best times of my life have been on destiny, except when I got bored early this year and took a break. Then I heard destiny 2 was coming out and I freaked. Went onto the blizzard account I've had since I was 14 and made a new account without thinking. now my blizzard account is connected to that account and not my main account (which is this one), and stupidly enough I can't unlink my blizzard account from that one for whatever stupid reason. so basically I need it unlinked or the account that I just made deleted so I can add my blizzard account to my main Bungie account not that one that I literally just made. If all goes well I'm putting in that 100 for the digital deluxe and getting my PC cleaned and set up for a wild ride. Thanks for your time in advance. -Bray



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