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7/21/2017 4:56:42 AM

Can we please get a casual PvP 6v6 mode? Because I'll be locked into PvE only as the Crucible sucks.

I just want to jump in a casual game of PvP, roam around the map solo, and if my mojo is flowing, have my space magic wielding Guardian feel like a badass for a few rounds like I did in D1. In the short amount of time I've spent in D2's Crucible, my Guardian has felt anything but badass. I'm not trying to be a pro-gamer and I definitely don't want to play "sweaties." All I've felt like so far is I've mysteriously jumped into a MLG match being shown on Twitch and getting my ass handed to me. It's obvious the new Crucible is geared towards a certain type of player, and that's fine as long as there's a place for us casuals in the Crucible to have fun as well. We can have both... right?



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