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6/12/2017 7:50:39 AM

Punishing old players for not purchasing latest expansion

I purchased the original game when it launched 3 years ago, then I payed for first and second expansion, (even though they didn't offered much, but let's leave this one out), then I payed for Taken King and when Rise of Iron launched, for various reasons I thought I will not immediately purchase it. Since I didn't payed for, I said ok, I won't be able to play the content, have access to new gear, experience the new stuff, but for fk sake... since I payed Bungie a lot for the past developing of the game, at least you should let me play PVP!! I have access to old PVE content - obviously, that would've been truly mean to restrict also that - but I can't play any modes in PVP, except for one lousy weekly mod, that changes on the good will of Bungie every week. Do you want to play control? You're out of luck, Bungie won't let you anymore since you didn't pay up the last thing, or maybe Bungie will include it in one of the weeky mods. Let's hope you don't want to play clash, or rift that week. And it's not because of players with new gear joining the same match with old players, because they join together in the weekly PVP anyway, and besides some of the players still prefer some of the old gear. Not to mention Iron Banner... I mean, what's the point to have level advantages disabled when you let only top level players with only new gear join in that?? Aaaaand to finish it, daily and weekly PVE activities (of old content of course) should be also available to players who didn't purchased the new content - which by the way, you could also offer it at a discount with only a couple of months before release, if you cared, but you don't. Conclusion: I payed to play the game and it's PVP and PVE activities, but Bungie restrict those out for whoever didn't payed them periodically.
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