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6/3/2017 6:12:08 AM

Destiny 2 Suggestion (For OCD Guardians)

I loved how as we got expansions and dlc for Destiny the game became more organized. We got more vault space, some consumables were seperated, and our bounty and rep screen was cleaned up amongst other things. Keeping with this trend in Destiny 2 I would love to be able to organize my vault by class, or light level, or element, or weapon type... Literally any of the above would seriously improve my gaming experience. Im the type of guardian who likes being able to keep a good inventory of what i have. I also like to set each character up a certain way for elemental burns, and based on my style of play and weapon choice in a particular activity... I think this would help immensely. Also we need a trash can in D2, I hate the respawn/jackolyte type consumables and it sucks having to burn through then 2 hours at a time. I want to just be able to delete all extra 10 and be done with them. Tl,Dr- Allow us to organize vault by Light Level, Class, Element (Maybe even the elemental boost of a chest piece), Weapon Type, Legendary/Exotic. Also a Vault trash can for respawn/helmet consumables. Thoughts? Am I a genius or am I an Asshat?



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