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Nioh DLC info thread

so the first DLC of Nioh, 'Dragon of The North' is coming out may 2nd, presumably worldwide. some basic info i got from scanning Famitsu's website: Nekomata (the cat spirit) will be usable, as well as Ouroboros (the snake spirit) (neither of these are confirmed, but very likely) Fuku and the blacksmith girl will be playable characters a new weapon; the odachi! basically an ultra greatsword katana new dragon spirit and a centipede spirit (confirmed) new campaign, new story and characters, new armor sets PvP (probably unbalanced as heck) which is available to everybody, you dont need the DLC for this (but you do need PS+) so yeah, i'm pretty damn hyped for this. definately grabbing the season pass! if you have any info to share then please do so and i'll add it to the post.
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