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xCreed of Wolvesx is recruiting (xbox one)

We are the Creed of Wolves. Together we can fight as one. Are you new to destiny and you would like to play some raids, nightfall or heroic but always get kicked or talked down to for your lack of experience? or maybe just a solo player thats looking for a clan? This group/clan will be for new and old players alike. We will strive for team work, to help our fellow wolves improve, and we will never rage quit! Maybe you come in top 4 and would like to be better in crucible? We'll get there together. (or as close as we can) You play flawlessly? Awesome. We will flank you and cover your back. Wolves fight together. XBOX ONE (Please be advise that Mics are required, also be mature I know some cussing may be involved when we play together. We are wolves, its ok to get a little mad. just aim for the enemy and let the bullets fly)



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