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Destiny について話し合おう
4/15/2017 3:04:47 AM

Here's an idea. How about you let players set up machinima accounts?

Hear me out. Accounts completely dedicated to making machinima. There could be things such as -Special player/world conditions (such as treating PvE maps like crucible, bigger player cap) -Flexible loadouts (perfect loot for certain story scenarios) -Improved, specific machinima controls (i.e controlled weapon lowering, non-glitch camera ,) -ID changing/player changing (changing player names for story e.g. Toland, Panahin, changing race, design, class ect.) There would have to be some obvious restrictions involved such as -no access to competitive multiplayer -no loot drops -dedicated servers not accessible to normal accounts I think these concepts would make for some great machinima projects the whole community could enjoy. It would probably only need a slight tweaking of the base code to work too. Please consider this. It would extend the life of this game for a while.



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