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3/31/2017 2:55:16 AM

Exclusive Content. And preordering

Dear Bungie/Activision XB1 user here, but I think PS players are sympathetic to this too. If you MUST have an exclusive content deal with someone for Destiny 2, do not make the content exclusive for such a long period as a year, or two as there is currently. You are not fostering a long-lasting community spirit by alienating your player base in this way. Personally I will not be tempted whatsoever to preorder while there is uncertainty around content exclusivity and how long it will last for. From our perspective, we are paying the same and our customer value to you is the same, so when negotiating these contracts, please consider that you do not earn any respect from us if we think we're receiving an inferior experience for even 3 months when paying the same amount. Please give us the opportunity to enjoy all the aspects of your great game at a much less displaced time. Thanks for listening!



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