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3/29/2017 10:42:43 PM

A Bug and Bungie, you disappoint me...

Bungie Needs to treat all classes fairly


Bungie Needs to keep neglecting hunters


Bungie Needs to fix their bullcrap


Well this is absolutely annoying..... First off, these ghost shells look plain and boring. Concept have really nice ghost shells that would look beautiful. I know you can't use their work for legal reasons, but at least do something nice. Second of all, these hunter class items.... For Spliced Nanomania Cloak: Ornament 1: Changes the white collar to red.... (Seriously... that's just lazy) Ornament 2: I haven't previewed it but it will probably be stupid.. Shroud of Flies: Ornament 1: Honestly, you put a line of JEWELS.... ARE YOU THIS LAZY? The Titan mark looks so badass and you disrespect the hunter.. THE BUG: So when I go to my ornaments, if I want to equip the old Wrath Ornaments, when I haven't "purchased" them, I have to use Age of Triumph Ornaments? I'm so disappointed that you neglect hunters, and don't even take the time to make nice pieces of gear. I don't even want to know how bad the Vault of Glass and Kings Fall ornaments will be on the hunter cloak... I have been a loyal Bungie supported since the release of their first game and will always be.. But, really?



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