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Clownにより編集済み: 3/28/2017 11:38:02 AM

Thinking about letting someone recover your account?

Think again. Sure, some people can be trustworthy, but others aren't. Make sure you know and trust someone before even contemplating giving them access to your account. Even if you do feel like you trust someone, remember there are risks. There's been some people lately just straight up deleting peoples characters and items, and then those people are upset and try to get Bungie to restore their things. Guess what? They won't, no matter what. [url=]Deleted Item and Character Policy[/url] Also someone pointed this out, allowing someone to recover your account (if you paid for it) is against Bungie's Code of Conduct anyways. Not only do you risk getting your stuff deleted, but you risk getting in trouble with Bungie, which would make everything you do on Destiny pretty much pointless. [url=]Code of Conduct[/url] For those of you harassing me for proof, please go here and read this section about harassment. If you read it clearly and understand, you'll see why you're not receiving any proof. If you want to go to the Lighthouse, find two people who are willing to help you! Even if it's not Trials related, please know the risks! Be careful! Stay safe! [url=]Account Security: How to keep your Destiny Account safe![/url]



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