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3/13/2017 7:13:36 PM
Ok, so nerfing the special ammo and and specific super effects, that I'm fine with, but you guys could've at least kept clever dragons and grasp of Malok rate of fire the way it was if this patch came out, NOW you guys are nerfing sidearms because you see it's becoming more popular in the meta, bungie..... Seriously, if you knew this was going to happen, you should've done these nerfs.... Fist of havoc blast radius Nova bomb blast radius Stormcaller melee length Lightning grenade width and length Spike grenade width and length (Titan and hunter) Reduce damage on the wombo combo Turn off the damn magnets for the sticky grenades Remove tracking for Shadowshot, Hammer of Sol, Nova Bomb (they're too easy to kill with) (This one is my favorite) fix the self-res bullshit in elimination/Trials of Osiris Nerf skorri to 30 seconds for allies to gain faster charge for supers and must get a kill to reactivate skorri's effect for allies Add more flinch to the "No Flinch Beyond" Take off aim assist on all shotguns Bring back aim assist for the snipers (because shotguns and snipers were being used in that meta back in year 2 and keep the flinch the way it is by adding more flinch) meaning it was unbroken and evenly balanced Make thorn a thing again (omg PLEASE) Reduce ammo regeneration for invective to 10 second instead of 20 but reduce the ammo to 1 per regeneration (since it's a shotgun, obviously) Make specific weapon bans for Trials of Osiris each weekend (the weekend after, those weapons will be unbanned until the future Trials of Osiris ban list) Drop special weapon crate to 2 crates in elimination/Trials of Osiris instead of 4 Decrease range of fusion rifles JUST a little bit even with rifled barrel and reinforced barrel (don't overdo it) Increase damage of all autorifles (besides Doctrine family autorifles, so it can be used for the love of God) Increase damage for khvostov so it can be used (but remove the 900rpm perk and increase rate of fire for burst fire perk to match hawksaw weapon type) Increase damage on all sidearms (but decrease the range for close quarter combat and a little farther than the max range shotguns for countering) If I missed anything, everyone can add them into the comment, but other than that, consider the game well balanced if that was to happen!!!!



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