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2/24/2017 9:57:31 AM


Yup are you happy now crybabies? NLB is getting flinch because you little asses cant use it. this weapon has been in a perfectr spot for 3 years and now all the sudden its getting a nerf because some little jimmy age 11 cant run straight line and shoot NLB user at the same time without dying. As we all know how bungies "Balancing" goes for weapons NLB is gonna be useless prob. gonna have as much flinch as secondary snipers now have. NLB vs other sniper almost everytime need you to take shots first because its a bitch to aim with that weapon. R.I.P. NLB its time to throw this thing to vault soon as this "balance hits" oh and they prob gonna destroy sidearms aswell.



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