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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
Sean Djinnにより編集済み: 2/27/2017 12:09:36 AM
[u]Primaries:[/u] 1. Addressed issues I had with in air primary accuracy in the update. 2. Adjust how high caliber rounds affect how much flinch a weapon causes so that: (a). The difference in flinchibility between two different primary weapon types(including side arms) is minimal to none. (b). One archetype of a weapon with high caliber rounds doesn't become significantly more useful than another archetype with high caliber rounds within a weapon class. (c). Shooting a weapon with any flinchibility that can be reachable w/ HCR on a certain weapon archetype does not maintain the same effect across an entire map(like first light or Bastion) in comparison to directly in front of you. A.K.A affected by range. (d). Never should the mentality in gun fights be "who can flinch the other off their aim more." It should only ever be "who can keep their aim on their target." So in that case, make it so primaries barely suffer from flinch at all - with HighestRoF weapons suffering the most, but only by a slight margin. It would put a weapon with HCR and one without HCR on an even playing field. Remember, before, a clever dragon with HCR was leagues better than one without HCR. That shouldn't be the case. If primaries suffered from nearly no flinch, then it wouldn't be. So why not? 3. Just a note: I don't know if you haven't noticed, but giving a weapon a bad base stability and a bad base recoil direction is pretty much asking for no one to use the weapon. [b]Hand cannons[/b] [spoiler]1. Bloom issue addressed.... almost completely in the update. There's just one problem: while I was all for adjusting when range drop off began, I never at any point believed that damage at farther ranges should've been decreased. If I were going to adjust something out at the far ranges, I would nerf aim assist stickiness at that range. If you can manage to get your tiny reticle dead on your target from a long distance without much sticking, you should do a good amount of damage. This way, it isn't too much of a detriment to PvE as well as most enemies being wide or big so they're easier to target compared to guardians in the crucible who are skinny and fast. 2. However, a new issue that they didn't consider came up too. With all HC's being so accurate and killing so effectively, why EVER use the Ill Will archetype? It requires the same number of shots to kill and requires the shots in the same fashion(1 head 2 body), but is just slower to do so by 4 whole frames or .13 seconds. No one is going to use that especially if you're basically saying that the archetype is only usable if you have a small mag and LiTC. That's it, and that's wrong. To make them viable again you have to do this: adjust that archetype so that each round fires with a .76 second delay between each but with each shot doing around 67 body damage and 101 head damage. To balance out the requirement of only needing two shots to kill, decrease the recoil direction across the archetype by a small amount and makes sure the recoil animation is slowed down. Not by too much otherwise it just becomes completely unfair and puts a kill at the complete mercy of RNG recoil but not too little so it doesn't award people who don't have that great of an aim. [/spoiler] [b]Scout rifles[/b] [spoiler]1. For a scout rifle to be efficient, you have to be able to aim at the head. Some scouts do this fine: mida, Cryptic, tuonela, etc.; however some just don't: angel's advocate and NL shadow to name a few. There is a correlation to this dilemma - a reason why these weapons underperform nearly every other scout: aim assist. These are the faster firing archetypes of the scout rifle class so keeping aim is a lot harder. Having a very low aim assist compared to the others only makes this problem worse. For example, compare NL shadow to the Suros SR-47 and see which one is better to use - Angel's advocate to Distant Star. Their low aim assist barely makes them viable as options. This means that there has to be a threshold for how low any scout's aim assist stat can go - preferably 55. Note: do not compare Angel's to Mida... you'll regret what you'll find. 2. Highest Rate of Fire scouts are up for debate - NL Shadow archetype: Most likely though, with what I'm going to say in point 4 it'll most likely be the 31 body-47 head buff. If I end deciding otherwise, then point 4 would have no effect on the highest RoF archetype. 3. Lowest Rate of Fire scouts should always be 75 to the head and 50 to the body unless it's an exotic which may go over if its perks allow it. As a balance, chaos dogma - the current only scout that does a base damage of 75-50 - would have its RoF improved by a single frame since its perks are non-exchangeable/set-in-stone while others in its archetype are RNG with their perks. 4. Now for the coup de grâce: all current RoF archetypes excluding the Touch of Malice with its exotic perk proc'd will have an improved RoF by a single frame. The two fastest archetypes would have a TTK of .8 seconds down from .9 seconds, the mid RoF archetype would have a TTK of .9 seconds down from 1 second, and the lowest RoF would have a TTK of .7 seconds down from .8 seconds. However, if needed AFTER the increases are in effect, ranges will be brought down by 7.5-10% across the board.[/spoiler] [b]Auto rifles[/b] 1. [STILL THINKING] [b]Pulse Rifles[/b] [spoiler]1. Reverse the RoF nerf to the clever dragon archetype and replace it by making it only do 22 headshot damage. I would achieve this by making it so that archetype alone has instead a precision damage multiplier of 1.47x. This'll more normalize the headshot requirement to what it should be 2. Increase the RoF of mid-high impact pulse rifles so their TTK/DPS is actually comparable to the other two - especially in comparison with pulses in the update. This archetype should be a 7-shot kill at around the same TTK as the lower archetypes. However, I should note that I myself don't know how people personally calculate the time between each shot in a burst and the time between each trigger pull, so just know that the time between trigger pulls would be adjusted to achieve that TTK. 3. Reverse the RoF buff to the highest impact archetype and instead increase stability across the board by 20% to a max of a base stability. At the same time, improve the Recoil Direction stat of Spare Change.25 by 20%.[/spoiler]



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