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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
2/25/2017 6:49:36 PM
Thoughts for Crucible balance in Destiny (I want to make clear that this information is solely based on my opinion and experience playing in the crucible.) Weapons: • Auto rifles: For starters, I am not a huge fan of auto rifles because I just don't care for their play style. However, I have played with them and all other weapons and to me they feel underpowered compared to most other weapons. When I think of an auto rifle, I am thinking that I am going to aim for the body, the majority of the time I use it, and not so much head shots. Also, I think close to mid-range effectiveness. To me, this is their strength and I don't feel this has been achieved in the crucible even post-patch My recommendation for making auto rifles on par with other weapons (per their strengths) would be to eliminate precession damage and its bonus and increase the DPS to the body by a multiplier that makes them a contender to hand cannons and pulse rifles in their respective range effectiveness (close to mid-range). I believe this could encourage players to use auto rifles for what they are meant to be and have fun knowing that they can use a weapon without feeling it is useless in its optimal range effectiveness. • Pulse rifles: This is one of my favorite weapons because it is more of my play stile. Before patch, they were overpowered and owning in the crucible. Post patch, I think they have come to a balance and perform pretty well at their optimal range. • Hand Cannons: I love hand cannons as well, but I feel post patch they have become out of hand. They are so out of hand, that I rarely see anybody using other weapons because they cannot compete with the over poweredness of the hand cannons. Personally, I thought hand cannons worked fine pre-patch and what made them a struggle was that pulse rifles were so over powered at that time. I feel that if hand cannons were left alone and pulse rifles were tweaked like they were in patch it would have balanced out. • Shotguns: I am not a huge fan of shotguns either but didn't mind using them here and there for fun, as I like to explore with various weapons. I like the changes that were made to shotguns in patch, I think that balance them out for what they are intended to do. For me, the major concern for the shotgun was its range. I don't think shotguns should be 1 shot killing anybody from, what feel like, 30 feet away. Their range was out of control and that was just ridiculous. I think giving shotguns a standard range (close quarters) and eliminating any range perks could assist with this balance. I love that shotguns don't get a precession multiplier because that is not what they are for and they sure don't need AA or magnetism if they are in close quarters. Classes: • Hunter: I would have to disagree with the changes to the Bladedancer class in patch The bladedancer (more specifically, the hunter class) has really low armor as it is and to take away the armor it gets from using its super is just flat out ridiculous. For one, bladedance is a roaming super that can be picked off my experienced snipers and shotgun users and other players supers. In addition, the bladedance has to be in close quarters in order to even get any super kills. They are not like the titan smash that can run into a room and slam and be done, no, they have to kill each individual person while being shot at by enemy teammates. What is the point of having a super if it cannot do what it is supposed to do? I believe the bladedance needs that armor and health regeneration after a kill to survive. Warlocks stormtrance and titan hammer at least have range for survival, so, I would like to know how bladedance is OP? Miscellaneous: • I think the whole special amo nerf was ridiculous and the fact that side arms were not affected was unintelligent. I understand trying to encouraged more primary engagements but honestly, the games have been a drag and they haven't been enjoyable because players are now preoccupied with camping or farming special amo than actually engaging in the game. Also, it has really been discouraging using other special weapons other than side arm. My suggestion to help with this balance is to not take away all of the special amo upon death, rather, have us spawn with half the magazine clip (i.e 2 bullets as opposed to 4) this way players are still encouraged to use their favorite special weapon and have enough amo to use on a "special occasion" such as on supers or when you have to reload your primary weapon. Sidearms need to be treated the same as other special weapons, except have their amo reset to original clip size to be on par with other special weapons. • The health regenerations nerfs need to be returned, especially on the weapons because they have basically been run into the ground. The red death used to be one of my favorite weapons, but now it cannot contend due to all the nerfs. I suggest that instead of nerfing a lot of things that people are identifying as OP, just create a counter. This way people get the option to choose a style of play as opposed to all playing with the same weapons and killing the fun. @Bungie, I hope you have read through this long narrative and will consider my points for improvement. Thank you



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