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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
2/24/2017 2:59:06 AM
I tru;y hope you read and listen to what we are saying. The absolute biggest problem for me is the special ammo situation. I just quit a game of clash because there were two defender titans running around with no back up plans and shot guns and I had zero defense against them, because I had no special ammo and a primary is useless in that situation. It was frustrating and no fun and guess what? I play to have fun. I knew you were going to nerf shotguns so I started playing with fusion rifles and quickly came to love them. But now, what's the point? You die so many times because whoever can wreck with a sniper or sidearm will always have the advantage (and they still will with the recent changes you say you are making). When you are lucky enough to not get into a one-sided match and get some ammo, you have to sit there, collect it, load the gun and then probably never use it because you are going to die. I was joking with some clan mates when we were playing a couple of nights ago that it took me more than an hour to fulfill the 3 special weapon kill bounty because I use fusion and not a sidearm, which I quite frankly don't enjoy playing with. And that's the point: why do you want to force us to play with the weapons you want and not let us enjoy plain with the ones we want? You have to know that's exactly what you did with the sidearm ammo situation and that''s not going to change. Please remember this is supposed to be a fun game. I honestly wish you hadn't made any changes as what you've done is far worse. I love this game, but, man, you really make me want to hate it. That is a terrible business model.



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