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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
2/23/2017 2:08:23 PM
[b]Do you guys at Bungie even bother to read the feedback???[/b] [quote]Cozmo... If you would have read what the community wanted after you posted this... can take this feedback to the devs, but first I wanted to get some others to weigh in as I know there are two schools of thought on this. Let me know below if you agree that you would like to see primaries made much more powerful like OP suggested. This would significantly decrease the "Time to Kill" across the board, which would drastically change how Destiny plays. Do you think this would be a positive or negative change?[/quote] [b]If you did..[/b]. Hotfix would be completely different, where in that thred can you find that the community want to remove special ammo? Or the nerf to bladedancer? Don´t pretend that you will listen when you don´t give a damn abut the feedback.



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