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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
2/23/2017 10:07:21 AM
The game is 60% sidearm , 40 % primary Although the primary side of it is very diverse, most every player has a sidearm out instead Here's what you do sirs at bungie . "Hand cannons" Get rid of bloom on handcannons nerf in air accuracy with hand canons and the rate of fire on the eyesluna archetype by 1 frame . Also make the fastest firing archetype shoot faster , for example look at the rate of fire on the water star and the last word , their the same , yet the water star shoots slower . "Auto rifles" Buff base stability for the Monte Carlo archetype "Scout rifles" Buff accuracy for Boolean gemini archetype & NL shadow archetype. "Pulse rifles" Do , nothing "Shotguns" Do nothing but buff range and stability on lord of wolves and 4th horseman . "Sniper rifles" Just 1 , no land , fix/apply , the flinch . If 1 sniper has an ability that isn't a part of its exotic description that makes it power over other snipers , that gun is thus far , over-powered . "Fusion rifles" Buff all base charge rate , on all archetypes . "Special ammo" Take 1 bullet or the equivalent after each death. Special ammo should only come twice a match , makes sense as to why heavy only comes once a match.



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