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2/21/2017 12:35:01 AM
[quote]I was curious to see what the community would like to see in Destiny 2. I'm well aware of people wanting a story and whatnot but what else do people want? I thought I should make a list and see what it is people want...I guess I'll start [u]Wishlist:[/u] - A good written cinematic story - Theater mode - More Character facial customization (I want a beard and I want it now! lol) - Let me choose my color scheme (Shaders were great but can be annoying at times when you want a specific look...also let me choose my visor color!) - More option in Private matches (example of some options: Unlimited ammo, No shields, Small arms, Movement speed...etc. Make it a bit more like custom games in Halo) - Exotics that feel exotic - Unique classes, with different stories (or at least a few class specific missions that serve an actual narrative purpose) - More depth to Subclasses (Make them more unique...also have a story to unlock each one. I would have loved to see an Gunslinger cutscene in Destiny) - LET OUR GUARDIANS SPEAK (The soccer ball in the tower has more personality than we do at this point) - I know it may be just me who wants this but...let me lower my weapon when I want to please. - Have it on PC (Should be confirmed already) - More non-linear missions (More exploration in the missions) - Please...PLEASE...Separate PVE and PVP. PLEASE! - Allow cross platform character transfer Well...what do you want to see? Let's discuss stuff people![/quote] WARLOCK CARTWHEEL EVADE



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