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オリジナルの投稿元: Hotfix Feedback
CookieNikiにより編集済み: 2/19/2017 10:17:36 PM
You want feedback? Let's give you guys feedback from a Y1 player. - first of all, lose the bad habit of lying to your community, the ones that keep your jobs running. It's now clear to everyone that all these patch "mistakes" were intended and that you tried to sell them as an accident. Grow up and take responsibility for your acts; - No one thought Bladedancer was OP except your designer that came to your live stream stating in front of all community that [b][u]he decided[/u][/b] to nerf hungering blade because [b][u]he gets frustrated[/u][/b] fighting against it; - No one uses Red Death in PvP. It's 99% a PvE weapon. Let exotics feel exotics; - Stop catering only to PvP. Stop destroying PvE because of PvP; - Follow the example of other long living successful games and separate skill trees, abilities and weapons of PvE from PvP and vice-versa. You will [b]NEVER[/b] be able to balance the gameplay of both of them in a shared structure; - Congratulations! After two and a half years you succeeded in making sidearms the "go to" weapon in PvP while still not balancing the gameplay, instead making it worse than before; - Don't half fix your f*ck up. Man up and fulfill your responsibilities in the mess you created. Revert the whole game to it's balanced times and let players choose whatever they want to use and have fun in the few months of life that this game has left, without you coming in and ruining everything.



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