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2/18/2017 12:27:49 AM
-blam!- you Bungievision. Don't you dare attempt to "fix" skorris, matter of fact stop -blam!-ing with everything. Hit the mother -blam!-ing reset button on every single patch you have ever done and return everything back to its original year 1 Vanilla state. Every God damn patch is more nerfs and destroying of the things we have come to love about this game. People bitch and moan that things are over powered, -blam!- em, cause back in year 1 essentially everything was balanced. To be honest things started going sideways with the first Auto rifle nerfs. If you buffed other primaries up to the Auto rifles all and I mean ALLLL this endless nerfing would have been avoided. Oh no something on a subclass was being used too much. Hmm let's see instead of nerfing what's over used see why the other options aren't being used and Buff them. I'm no coder but if I was in charge of play testing and monitoring the way the game guns and classes worked you would have been done making adjustments before Crota's End and a month after The Taken King dropped with the new subclasses. Yup claim to want diversity then pigeon hole us into a forced play style and meta for PvP, and because of that you screw PvE players over every single patch. Bunch of incompetent -blam!-ing morons. The best part of you ran down your mother's Crack and left a shit stain on the mattress. Could also say your mother should have swallowed you or had you all aborted. This is for all the sandbox teams and developers. You -blam!-ed up time and time again. If you can't handle criticism and someone's opinion grow some thicker skin and try to understand for yourself why alot of us feel this way. If this post gets removed by a Ninja we will know you're all pussies.



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