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Rhadamanthus13により編集済み: 2/17/2017 5:35:02 AM
How to be an idiot game designer. Step 1: have no clue how to play your own creation in the PvP world. Step 2: listen to a bunch of "yes" people who whine to get what they want while they test your so called patch pieces. Step 3: install a patch that insults the intelligence, skill, and talent of the PvP players that bought this game, bought the dlc's and stuck with this game thru every dumb@$$ decision and nerf that you have installed since the inception of this game. Basically you no talent hack game designers are trying to force us to play like you and your so called test people. How is this even remotely fair to the rest of the gaming world?? IT ISN'T so do the gaming community and world a favor, stop acting like a bunch of 5 year old rich brats throwing temper tantrums because you suck at the game you designed for pvp. Return and restore the crucible to it's better days, give us the special ammo back and maybe just maybe we in the gaming world MIGHT cut you some slack, but I WOULDN'T bet on that. Too many mistakes to be forgiven especially after this utterly incompetent debacle.



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