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Cozmoにより編集済み: 2/17/2017 3:04:19 AM

Bungie Community Fireteam 2/16/17 at 7 PM Pacific

Bungie Community Fireteam is back again this week, and this time we will be exploring the new Sandbox changes in the Crucible. . Last time we [url=]played on PS4[/url] so this go around we will be on XB1. We will get started at 7 pm Pacific. Make sure you are available to play before signing up. I will send messages to the players chosen 2 hours from now, so sign up quick. Please reply by tomorrow (2/19/17 ) at 3 pm Pacific to confirm your spot or you may be replaced. To sign up just reply to this thread with your XB1 GT and your favorite Sparrow. If you want to look through a list of previous Bungie Community Fireteams, take a browse through the [url=]Hall of Fame[/url]. [quote] 1. BNG Cozmo 2. BudderedPopcorn 3. MADG33k 4. JCSwaggyMcGee 5. AceOfSpades3304 6. malonestranger [/quote]



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