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Special ammo and what needs to change! Plain and Simple!

Side arm meta


Spawn special into reserves


Back to normal (before last patch)


Only lose half of your ammo on death


Everyone enjoying their new sidearms? So with this new patch, Bungie has attempted to balance what they think is wrong with Special ammo. Making sidearms the most convenient special to use since you don't lose the ammo on death. This new update still hasn't fixed special at all though. Teams can still control the map and therefore control all special on the map, keeping the other team drained and at a disadvantage. I have one small fix to make the crucible more fair when it comes to special weapons. SPAWN AMMO STRIAGHT INTO ALL PLAYER'S RESERVES! That's right no more crates! No more fighting over crates, and a final stop to being drained of ammo. This will make it fair when teams have map control/ special control, since everyone will have the same amount of ammo every time special spawns. I'm going to finish this by saying this game grew on shotguns, snipers and fusions. Some one you may hate being "slide shot-gunned" or "spawn sniped", but that's Destiny. Keep this game near its roots and STOP FORCING SIDE ARMS ONTO US. WE WILL CHOOSE SIDE ARMS WHEN WE WANT TO OR WHEN WE USE NO LAND BEYOND AT LEAST! Don't make it part of the meta because side arms are still good on their own. (NOTE: I've hated the crate system from the start, I'm against that mostly. Also when voting, I only mean last patch as in just special ammo, none of the other changes)



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