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Marshall Law TXにより編集済み: 2/4/2017 3:28:32 AM

Transversive Steps drop is definitely bugged (Hear me out)

Ok, obviously some people have Transversive Steps. This is mostly due to the fact that Xur sold them though. Many people I have talked to that bought theirs from Xur have said that they have never seen them drop from anywhere else. I don't want to hear that it's just bad luck, RNG, etc. I'm positive that there is an issue. With that said, I have turned in over 50 exotic leg engrams with my warlock since RoI released and I haven't seen Transversive Steps drop yet. I have every other exotic in the game. I have seen every other boot drop multiple times. I've been talking to another guy with the same issue. He has been grinding for exotic leg engrams and turns in a bunch at a time. He turned in 20 at once one day, all with his warlock, and didn't get them. He has turned in over 200 leg engrams since RoI released. Let's forget about the 200 for now though and just focus on my experience. Two quick points. There are only 7 different exotic boots. These are the only exotic boots for warlocks. In my experience, decryptions tend to favor the class decrypting them. If this were the case with boots, I should have definitely seen these by now, but let's forget about classes. With 7 boots, I should at the very least have a 1 in 7 chance at them. After 50+ engrams, I should have seen about 7 on average, yet I haven't even seen one. There is no way it's just bad luck. This is nearly the equivalent of rolling a die 50 times and it never landing on one of its sides. What are the odds of that? I have seen a few posts from others claiming that they have seen them drop. However, I have never seen them drop for anyone in a video (I've looked and have watched many post RoI engram opening videos). I've never seen anyone get them during the WotM raid, from the nightfall, or even just standing around in the tower near the cryptarch. I have seen many posts from others who are facing this same issue. I have pretty much given up hope of them dropping. I will continue to save my leg engrams until this has been patched. I'm thinking it could be a bug similar to the one that affected the faction ship. Please inform the dev team of this issue if they are not already aware of it. In the meantime, it would be really awesome if Xur sold them again soon. That seems to be the only way many of us will be getting them until this issue is resolved. Thanks EDIT: This really shouldn't matter, but I'm on Xbox One. I know that the code should be the same across both systems, but it's still possible for a bug to only affect one system. EDIT 2: For those of you who feel the need to lecture me about RNG, here is a little math for you. There are 7 possible boots. The probability of getting Transversive Steps should be 1 minus the probably of not getting them. The probability of not getting them is (6/7)^n, where n is the number of engrams you decrypt. Setting n to 30 results in a 99% probability. I say "should be 1 minus the probably of not getting them" because it obviously isn't. Otherwise I would have had them well before turning in 50 engrams. Here is a link to a random number generator set to 50 random integers between 1 and 7. It is nearly impossible to have one of the 7 numbers not show up. The chances of that happening are 0.045%. This means that the chances of getting any one number out of the 50 is 99.955%. Therefore, I conclude that this drop is bugged or at the very least not coded to be a 1 in 7 chance. I say that it's definitely an issue if we don't have at least a 1 in 7 chance at Transversive Steps when turning in an exotic leg engram with our warlock. If anything, the chances should be better than 1 in 7 in that scenario.



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