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Destiny について話し合おう
1/5/2017 5:04:42 PM

Blur's Challenge

Hey Guardian, Want a pair of Beats earbuds without paying 200 strange coins to my greedy brother Xur? Welcome all! Answer the Challenge of Blur the brother of Xur and the newest member of the Nine. "I challenge thy strongest and most powerful Guardians to fight to the death to claim victory amongst all peers. I Blur come from the darkest part of Saturns rings to bring you the riches you deserve." The admission fee is $10 per person and the map and game mode is whatever the two contestants of each match agree upon in my 1v1 tournament. So come join the carnage, prove you are the best and make your way to the top if you dare... But beware Guardian do you have what it takes? Don't forget "eyes up" but sights down. Fear everyone but trust no one...



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