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12/8/2016 5:28:27 PM

Any NEW USEFUL information on Connecting to Fire-teams within same household?

I've posted about this problem already. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ON THE TROUBLE SHOOT GUIDE, spent 4 hours trying other player-suggested techniques to try and connect with my boyfriend in the same fire-team. We can't seem to trick it even with tower-orbit-tower or even mid-game invites. NOTHING has worked. Now, I know a lot of players have been on about this since way back in June, but I think we need a little more in terms of progress as informing us that its being looked into - for 7 months - is unacceptable. FYI - NOTHING ON THE TROUBLE SHOOT GUIDE OR PREVIOUS UPDATES AND SUGGESTIONS HAS WORKED. *Cough* So don't try that one with me bungie. (Side note - we use a basic TalkTalk Super Router, partner has a TP-Link plug in Ethernet port). We've tried to port forward, to apply static IP addresses, one go wireless both go wireless. We don't have NAT Acceleration on our router so we can't do anything with that. No I will not go and fork out 50+ quid for a gaming router........ I've spoken to Talk Talk about it and they confirm that it's nothing to do with their router. UNaP is on, and I've tried it off. There isn't much I can do in our router settings anyway. I can connect perfectly well with him on other games. So it's about time we get some real answers please. And I'm not buying the next one if problems like this are still going unfixed. (Paid too much for the collection as it is -.- ). So bottom line. Something Solid to go with would be nice. There are a lot of frustrated players out there, not just including me. So what's it going to be Bungie?



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