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10/23/2016 10:51:18 PM

Hawkmoon got eyasluna, so shouldn't Monte Carlo get the same?

As the title suggests, eyasluna is the lil brother to the hawkmoon. So I purpose that Monte Carlo get the same treatment, for instance since Monte Carlo looks/supposed to a weapon of elegance, the legendary should look more industrial, mean, and mitiaryish. For example instead of white (other than its ornaments that the exotic can have) it look more like a matte gun metal gray, instead of the boxy magazine make it a curved magazine like the grim citizen/haakons hatchet autos, and the bayonet look more like it was optional rather than default. Now for stats an perks! Leave the base stats alone, but the perks being like every other legendary would make the Monte Carlo cousin more versatile. For instance I've noticed that its horizontal instability hurts it, it's a small pain to compensate but the thought of counterbalance an perfect balance sounds very appealing. Don't get me wrong Monte Carlo is an awesome auto, but there are some things I'd like an I bet others would too that'd make it better. If this said legendary version of Monte Carlo were to become a reality (preferably retaining a name to Chevrolet vehicles would be great) would seriously offer up an exotic slot an be a hell of an awesome gun!



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