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Destiny について話し合おう
Master Rahoolにより編集済み: 10/19/2015 6:46:27 PM

I didn't believe HE existed... Thank You Smoggy.

This was our last run.... and the weekly reset was 14 minutes away. We had lost all hope, for Oryx was still lingering onto his life... "GET READY TO STAGGER HIM!". my friend Taiga proclaimed! We all rushed towards the pillar, shielded by Taiga's aura he just stole from Oryx's most trusted knight. We were down a man, Edgar, who was still on a 25second revive cooldown. "He just slammed." I yelled, although I was pre firing my touch of malice way before the glow in his abdomenen appeared. We all began to shoot. "Azelea", I yelled, "get in the bubble!!!!". But it was too late. "I'm tryi-"..... "Guardian Down.", my ghost proclaimed. We were down to only 4... "Keep Shooting!" Taiga yelled. All 4 of us, exhausted on ammo, firing our last clip of sniper into Oryx managed to stagger him. "Get into the orbs!" Azelea screamed, "Moose, you get Edgar!" [b] 6 minutes remained. [/b] We all took out to our orbs. Moose managed to pick up Edgar and he quickly detonated his orb. We ran back to the middle and emptied our last clip into Oryx. "Im out." said Moose. The 5 of us repeated the same words shortly. We ran to the middle, awaiting the final faze with no hope. "KNIGHTS!' I yelled. We were doomed. With no ammo left, we were all wiped. One after one we fell to the boomers mighty weapons formed against us. I was the only sunsinger there, and managed to self revive. Managed to kill the Knights with my grenades. One dropped a special ammo. "4 bullets", I said. It wouldn't be enough. I gave up... [b]3 minutes remained.[/b] Oryx revealed himself. I dropped to my knees and began to stare The Taken King into his eyes. He began his final suicide attempt. It was Over... 2 minutes remained... Or atleast, I thought... Time stopped. I heard a voice from behind me. [b][i]"Your legend doesn't end here, guardian."[/i][/b] "What the hell?" I said. A time gate behind me began to form. What was going on? A glitch? Bug? What was it? Then it happened. Its giant feet stepped out of the portal. I couldn't forget those feet and size of the machine before me. It was Atheon again.... [b]1 minute remained... [/b] And on top of him... SmoggyPluto. Smoggy smiled at me. [b][i]"I will take it from here, guardian."[/i][/b] he proclaimed. I was frozen, and so was Oryx. Smoggy leaped off of Atheon, and performed his super on Atheon. Suddenly, Atheon was wielding 2 Year2 Gjhallahorns, Item Level 420 equipped with Planetary Massive Rasen-shuriken rounds of wolfpack(Retardedly OP LMFAO chu mad?). Atheon picks Smoogy back up, and the two of them ran past me, and blasted oryx with the force of a great typhoon. They were swift like a raging fire, and appeared mysteriously as the Darkside of the moon. Oryx was shredded in front of me, and confetti erupted from the remains of his corpse. It was done. Smoggy defeated oryx by himself. The chest spawned. My team revived and eagerly celebrated and praised Smoggy. He squatted over the cheat and laid 4 exotic engrams. "[b][i]Become legend, guardians[/i][/b]." he told us, and he and Atheon Vanished into the Time Gate. We picked up the engrams and all received a copy of the year2 Gjhallahorns he and Atheon used. They were a new burn: Smoggy. And then, we all logged off, awaiting the reset in the next 10 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Hope you guys enjoy and not feel salty about this. I wrote this for fun I know there might be grammar and spelling errors. I was in school about to go home lol. Comment down below what you guys think. BTW I am not the original author of the Smoggy stories. Just thought I would write my own twist to it![/b]



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