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Mysticにより編集済み: 11/25/2016 10:12:50 PM

So About Supremacy! Balancing the playlist to meet actual objective~

I am sure my cry is going to fall on deaf ears....why do people focus so much on the kills but completely bypass picking up the crests and move about with their shotguns? I have both great days and awful days in PVP, its just not my thing but I try to go in there and have some fun. Will Bungie ever do away with KD or perhaps consider bringing the supremacy playlist to some even field... i.e. pick up the crest, plus 2 for enemy, plus 1 for our fallen, but if the enemy picks up ours (or we pick up theirs) SUBTRACT POINTS respectively (EDIT: ok, so perhaps the point system is not the ideal, perhaps having a timer on the crests before they disappear if not picked up?)...*something* LOL, that way we have some balance and people are playing objectives rather than chasing KD which by no means equates to skill?! What are your thoughts? If any...



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